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Monday, July 12, 2010

What will happen to your PAG-IBIG/HDMF membership contributions after you become an OFW?

Before I become an OFW, I’ve been working in the Philippines for 4 years and 3 months. During this period, my monthly gross salary has been deducted by 100.00 pesos as contribution for my HDMF (Home Development Mutual Fund) or commonly known as PAG-IBIG Fund. This has been mandatory now as a Law in the Philippines. Actually, the actual amount credited to my PAG-IBIG account is 200.00, with the other 100.00 shouldered by my employer. This scheme is implemented on all other companies as part of this law. The amount of 200.00 is the minimum contribution that a member should pay monthly. For the matrix of the contributions, I will discuss it soon as I go along with this blog.

Additional information:(The exemption of this mandatory PAG-IBIG contribution applies only to those with monthly gross salary below 4,000.00 pesos. However, the employee has an option to be a PAG-IBIG member but under a voluntary membership status and can also pay with the minimum contribution)

Now, let’s go back to my original topic. When I did a rough computation of the total contributions I have accumulated during my employment in the Philippines, it came out to be about Php 10,200.00 (excluding the earnings). This amount can go a long way if I can claim it. So, I sent an e-mail to PAG-IBIG in this address (publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph). My e-mail contains plain questions which are:

What will happen on my accumulated contributions? Can I claim them?

I’m somehow surprised that I received a reply the next day. The content of the reply is posted below:

Good day Mr. Train. Your contributions from April 2004 to July 2008 remain as your Total Accumulated Value (TAV) with the Pag-IBIG Branch where your previous company, remits.
You may only claim your TAV upon the occurrence of the following (whichever comes first):

• MATURITY, where a member has completed 20 years of active fund membership and 240 contributions;
• RETIREMENT, where a member has reached the mandatory retirement age of 65, the optional retirement age of 60, or has opted to avail of his company’s early retirement at age 45;

Since you are currently based abroad, you have the option of becoming a member under the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP), a voluntary savings program that is designed for Filipinos working abroad (either sea-based or land-based) or residing abroad.

It’s a pleasure to serve you. Thank you.

Public Relations and Information Services (PRISG)

It’s been my nature that if I’m inquiring for something, I’m not contended with a scripted answer. This is somehow a similar case on the reply. Although it’s the actual conditions if you check their official website, what I expected is somehow like a personal explanation. So, I decided to send another e-mail but this time I added two additional e-mail addresses. (piog@pagibigfund.gov.ph, pagibigoverseas@gmail.com) These e-mail addresses belong to Pag-IBIG International Operations Group (PIOG). The actual e-mail is posted below:

To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you for the prompt response. Unfortunately, there are still some points that are not clear to me. Actually, I am already a member under the PAG-IBIG Overseas Program (POP) since November 2008 (membership no:TXXXXXXXXX). My inquiry is about my contributions on my previous membership status (Locally employed from April 2004 - July 2008).

1. What will happen on the said accumulated contributions (TAV) for I'm now under the POP membership?
2. Can I claim the said TAV because I am now under a new membership status?
3. If I can't claim it, will it (TAV) be added to my TAV in the POP membership?

Thanks in advance and more power.

Angelo G. Train

Then, somebody by the name of Julieta L. Dela Cruz under the e-mail address jldelacruz@pagibigfund.gov.ph replied to my e-mail. To give due credit, it only took 2 days and I received her reply. Her reply was;

Hi. Your local membership with the Pag-IBIG Fund has a different program from the Overseas Program. You may withdraw your local contributions upon the occurrence of the 6 grounds for withdrawal which were discussed with you last time. Should you have further inquiry please don’t’ hesitate to e-mail us again.

Thank you.
Public Relations and Information Services Group

Not yet contended with the answer, I again sent another e-mail addressed only to her. My e-mail was;

Dear Maam,

Thanks for the response. Just a follow-up question, as you stated I can withdraw my contribution upon occurrence of the mentioned grounds.

Does my current status as OFW satisfies the third condition?


I just want to mention that my employment status with my employer here in Riyadh, KSA is PERMANENT employee.

Thanks again and more power.
Angelo G. Train

Do you think my third e-mail is somehow a dumb question? :) hehehe .. Well, she’s patient and understanding enough and replied to it.

Hi! With regards to your inquiry, you will qualify under the Permanent Departure ground if you’re an immigrant of that country, if not the funds will stay with us and will still earn until such time you can withdraw your contributions.

Thank you.
Public Relations and Information Services Group

So there you are, with those chains of e-mails, things became clear to me. (As we say in Filipino “Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw”). Well, I always believe that there’s nothing wrong in asking. As one quote in English says “It is impossible for a man to learn things he thinks he already knows”.

Now to summarize the whole thing;

I can still claim my previous contributions if I met one of the 6 conditions stated previously. (I just hope and pray that I can met either of the first three conditions and not with any of the other four). I can meet the first condition if in case I stopped working abroad as OFW and continued my previous membership status. Once it reached 240 contributions I can claim it as a Total Accumulated Value (TAV).

If you notice in this post, there is such a thing called PAG-IBIG Overseas Program (POP) mentioned several times. This topic, I will discuss on my next post, so better bookmark this page or subscribe to the feed to receive the notification once I updated this blog and posted the said topic.

I hope that you learned something from this entry. See you soon….and have a nice day.


  1. Dear Mr. Angelo,

    This blog thread is definitely refreshing and informative.

    I do agree with you that if you can "squeeze" more of valuable info's, say from a government entity, push them to the limit, just forget of the bad impression your addressee thinks upon you, being a public servant, its their job anyway (i mean to serve) ^_^.

    However, i have a real question to ask..since the subject here is PAG-IBIG/HDMF Membership, i have heard from one of the comunity leaders here in jeddah that membership for this entity (Pag-Ibig) is now a mandatory for OFW's? Do you have an idea about this or shall i say..go through their website and enquire about this.

    Keep this blog more informative and infotainment, one for sure,madami magbigay ng kanilang ideas and thoughts dito sa thread na ito.

    More power..

  2. @Frank

    Thanks for your comment.Medyo bago palang ang blog ko but I will try my best to update it as much as I can. About your inquiry I will also inquire it to the PAG-IBIG representative here in Riyadh. Please give me some time to verify. Last time ko kasi pumunta was I think mga March pa nung nagbayad ako ng POP ko..And parang may nabanggit nga siya about it. Pero that time POP contribution lang binayaran ko.2nd year ko na sa POP and yearly ako nagbabayad.Nag upgrade ako this year from minimum to 1 step up. Sayang din kasi as savings na rin.

    Update ko itong post pag naverify ko.Just visit regularly for update.Or better subscribe ka na :)

  3. thanks angelo, as far as i do know, initially bale voluntary membership lang siya (noon pa man na wala pang POP program, pag-ibig fund lang siya), nasa discretion lang ito ng OFW kung gusto niya maging miyembro. anyway, thanks for this piece of info, and i'll do my 'assignment' (to do my research sa website nila) for my added knowledge about my query. and certainly i'll keep visiting your blog for more info's too ^_^

  4. @ Mr. Frank

    Sir, ito po reply ng Pag-Ibig about your inquiry if mandatory na yung POP:

    Good day Mr. Train.

    Regarding your inquiry on mandatory membership in Pag-IBIG Fund, the answer is yes sir. The mandatory member of OFWs started last January 2010 and is now being implemented by the Pag-IBIG Fund. If they want to sign-up for membership, they may email our Pag-IBIG Fund International Operations Group (PIOG) at: popmideast2@pagibigfund.gov.ph.

    Thank you.

    The Public Relations and Information Services Group

  5. thank you Mr. Angelo for this very outright info. kung January 2010 nag-start and has implented since, i'm just wondering, kasi noon nagbakasyon ako last March-April and have my travel papers done thru POEA, ang binayaran ko lang ay ang POEA processing fee which is Php.100 lang (usually kasi ang binabyaran ko ay Php.1,000.00 plus), meaning they did not charged me yet for the POP and the usual OWWA contribution. stranged that may seem, pero i had the impression na baka na-waived yun other fees kasi nga that was the time of the election fever campaign sa atin.

  6. On my own assessment, hindi ka pa nila pwede i-charge kasi hindi ka pa officially registered member. Meron din kasing required form na dapat i fill-up then once approved meron silang bibigay sayo na ID card.Meron ako nung ID card medyo matagal nga lang naibigay mga 3mos. after ng application ko.Hihingan ka pa nila picture para ilagay sa ID Card.Then papadala pa nila sa Pinas for processing.

  7. pero the fact na naging Law na siya, definitely meron na yan 'marching orders' to every government & private institutions, for one, sa POEA, they will not process our travel exit kasi pre-requisite nila, i.e.: PhilHealth, SSS - di ba we have to show them proof that we have paid our PhilHealth premiums or SSS contributions for that matter? so same through with that Pag-Ibig, kasi on the spot they (POEA) can give us a form to fill and outrightly become a member. well, maybe nito na lang huli (latter part) nila implemented ang requisite.

  8. Sir Angelo ,

    Lubusin ko na yung pagtatanung at pag comment sa blog mo..ngayon ko lang ulit nalaman sa blog na ito na Mandatory ang Pag -ibig...nakakhiya man talaga kaya lang lakasan lang ng loob sa pagtatanong,..pa PM na lang ako boss kahit mga basic & most reasonable impact sa mga OFW na magtuloy ng pagbabayad sa Pag-ibig..For sure marami akong kakilala na ganito ang predicament..thank u as always for liberating us from illiteracy..Godbless & More Power.

  9. Same as my reason sa SSS, form of investment din ang purpose ko dito sa Pag-Ibig.2nd purpose nalang ang pag-avail ng loan sa kanila.Like yung sa POP nila (Pag-Ibig Overseas Program) minimum of 5 years pwede mo na makuha ang contributions mo with earnings. Kung magkano ang makuha mo depende sayo yan,kung magkano rin ang monthly mong binabayad.Isipin mo kasi kadalasan ang pera pinapatulog sa bangko.Magkano ba kikitain ng pera mo sa bangko, lalo na sa panahon ngayon..Kapag savings account yan mataas na ang 0.75% per annum then babawasan pa ng 20% na tax so magkano nalang yun.Bakit hindi mo divert ang pera mo sa other channel na pwedeng makakuha ng mas malaking tubo.Sabihin nating merong Time Deposit sa mga bangko,so duon nalang.Ok din yun pero taxable yun with doc stamps pa.Eh dito waive ang tax dahil government.At hindi naman ganun kabigat sa bulsa ang contribution.Ako $10 per month lang contribution ko dito.Pero sa maliit na amount na yun kapag nabuo mo yung 5 years na hulog magugulat kang malaki din pala.
    Kung nagbabayad ka ng $10 per month after 5 years $600 na sya wla pang earnings.Kung compute natin with estimated earnings after 5 years @ 3.5% per annum lalabas na magiging $668 ang total. so kumita ng $68 ang pera mo.yan ay kung $10 ang contribution mo.paano pa kung medyo nilakihan mo.If $20 ka monthly magiging $1,336 after 5 years, tumubo ng $136. Diba mas maganda naman yun compare sa banko.

  10. Mr. Angelo,

    Hay sa wakas nakakita rin ako ng blog na makakapagpaliwanag sa akin problem. Kasi ang mister ko under din sa POP program since 2008 tapos later on nga ngaung January 2010 may kinakaltas sa kanilang HDMF mandatory around P 950. Ask ko lang if credited ba un sa POP nya or something? kasi di ko mahulugan ngaun ung POP nya nag aalala me na baka magdoble doble eh...

  11. @Anonymous
    Nag fill-up po ba sya ng panibagong form? Yung form na pang POP talaga? Kasi meron binibigay na Membership Card under POP na nakalagay talagang POP ang status ng membership. If ever pwede mo po inquire sa nearest PAG-IBIG office ang membership status nya.Under POP kasi pwede mo na ma-withdraw ung accumulated earnings plus premium after 5 years.Labas po yun sa Regular na PAG-IBIG membership.

  12. magtatanong lang po sana ako kc bago po ako umuwi ng pilipinas nag filled up po ako ng form sa pag-ibig fund doon sa kuwait embassy ng pilipinas good for 3mos. po ang hinulog ko ngayon po ang tanong ko pwede po ba ako maghulog dito sa pilipinas kahit na ang 3mos.na unang hulog ko ay sa kuwait?

  13. Opo.. kc iisang account lang ung papasukan ng bayad mo.. Pwede mo check ung contributions mo ng Pag-Ibig sa Pinas pero sa Head Office ka lang makahingi.. Hindi sila nagbibigay sa mga kiosk..

  14. Tanung ko lng po,kc ngpamember ako sa pilipinas nung october 13,2010 ng 200 pesos,tapos nagpnta ako ng dubai ng oktober katapusan 2010,tpos hndi ko nabayaran ang monthly contribution ko hanggang ngaun year2011,ask ko lng po kung active pb un?panu at saan po ako mgbbyad ng monthly contribution ko at anu-anu po ung mga requirements pgngbayad ako?

    Hntayin ko po sagot nyo..mraming salamat po..

  15. 1 beses lang po ako nakapag hulog sa POP but na realized ko na nag mature na ang 5 years from 2006,pwede ko ba makuha po ito kahit P1400 lang? Hawak ko po ang passbook at receipt ng P1400 since 2006.Thanks.

  16. @Anonymous

    Yes,pwedeng-pwede mo ito ma-claim pero sa Pag-Ibig Head Office ka sa Pinas makakapg claim. Ipakita mo lang yung passbook at receipt. Sayang din un.. Pwede ka ring mag e-mail dito

  17. Ito ung e-mail address : publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph

  18. "Tanung ko lng po,kc ngpamember ako sa pilipinas nung october 13,2010 ng 200 pesos,tapos nagpnta ako ng dubai ng oktober katapusan 2010,tpos hndi ko nabayaran ang monthly contribution ko hanggang ngaun year2011,ask ko lng po kung active pb un?panu at saan po ako mgbbyad ng monthly contribution ko at anu-anu po ung mga requirements pgngbayad ako?

    Hntayin ko po sagot nyo..mraming salamat po.."

    Active pa rin po yun.Saan po ba kayo ngayon? Kasi if ever na nagbakasyon kayo at nag-apply ng OEC panigurado na i-rerequire nila kayong bayaran ung 2011 contributions nyo. Mandatory na kc for OFWs ung PAG-IBIG. Pwede kayo magbayad sa mga authorized bayad center like Sky Freight (meron sila dagdag na charge) Kung sa Pinas kayo sa POEA meron dun booth ng Pag-Ibig na pwede magbayad.

  19. hello po, magtatanong lang po sana.. Hindi ba namin pwedng gamitin ang existing pag-ibig nmber namin d2 sa dubai pag nagbabayad ng monthly amort? kc may existing pag-ibig acnt na po ako tapos nung nagbakasyon ako binigyan ulit ako ng pag-ibig nmber sa owa. Now, magbabayad na sana ako ng pag-ibig mnthly cntribution ko gamit yung old acnt ko pro na invalid sya kc ang hinahanap ay ung d2 na acnt na may letter daw. pano po un? hindi ko ba pwedeng ipagpatuloy ung old acnt ko at ncesary ba na ang inisue ng owa ang gagamitin ko? ano na pong mangyayari sa mga remitances ko kng gagamitin ko ang bagong bigay sa akin na pag ibig acnt?
    Please enlighten me.. thank you.

  20. @Anonymous ... Wala ka bang record ng dati mong PAG-IBIG account jan sa Dubai. I think ung tinutukoy nyang may letter is similar to POP number noong hindi pa mandatory sa OFW ang PAG-IBIG. I have similar account number na nag start sa letter "T" which is an indicator na Temporary number lang. Kung hawak mo pa ung passbook mo from your old account or any proof of payment from previous acct pwede mo ipa-update un. Sa case ko kasi ung nauna kong account was a local PAG-IBIG account noong nasa Pinas pa ako. Wherein nag-iisa lang yun na parang SSS. So, noong naging mandatory na sa OFW ung PAG-IBIG yun parin ang ginamit kong number at hindi na ako binigyan ng panibago. Yung POP account ko naman ay merong hiwalay na record dahil ang maturiry nya is 5 years lang at considered sya as voluntary account. Try mo inquire sa e-mail na to: publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph

  21. hi po! dati n po akong member ng pag ibig at may housing loan, since nag abroad po ako pinpdala ko po ang hulog ko sa frend ko n syang nkatira sa bhay ko,isang araw po nbalitaan ko sa sister ko na ha2takin daw po ng pag ibig ang bahay n ni loan ko dahil di daw po nahuhulugan, at that day po ng mabalitaan ko nag ask ako ng vacation leave para maka uwi ng bansa natin at nakapag byad po ako ng 44 thousand para di ito mawala skin. sa nangyaring ito isa lng po ang ang aking gustong itanong, maaari po bang malaman kung saan at paano ako pwedeng mag bayad ng housing loan ko para masigurado ko pong ang perang pinaghihirapan ko dito sa abroad ay napupunta sa tamang bayaran ng ni loan ko.

    1. Pwede mo po ipa-arrange sa mga affiliated Banks sa Pinas para sa Auto-Debit arrangement. Saang bansa ka ba? You may visit the official website of Pag-ibig para makita mo ung mga list ng affiliated centers abroad:


      Nasa bandang ilalim sa left corner ung Payment Facilities na link.

  22. gud day,i want check my pag ibig overseas proram contribution because im stroke patient now,what will i do.

  23. You may e-mail "publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph" then provide your Pag-ibig number. Just be patient dahil medyo matagal mag reply then indorse pa nila sa International Operations Group since OFW ka.

  24. gud pm po,ask ko lang po about sa contribution ng asawa ko OFW po sya, kaka apply nya lang po noong feb 2012 at first payment din nya, san po ba ako magbabayad ng monthly contribution nya aside sa main office at nag try po ako sa bussiness cnter ng SM kaso hinihingi sa akin yung statement of acct. daw na galing sa pag ibig, yung binigay lang naman sa amin noon first payment ay reciept lang.Thanks in adavance...

  25. Saang bansa po ang asawa nyo? Based kasi sa website ng Pagibig pwede ka lang magbayad ng contributions sa mga sumusunod:

    LANDBANK weAccess (ON-LINE)

    Kung nasa abroad po sya meron narin mga affiliated bayad centers overseas. On my case dito ako sa Saudi at meron dito.

  26. You may visit the official website of Pag-ibig para makita mo ung mga list ng affiliated centers abroad:


    Nasa bandang ilalim sa left corner ung Payment Facilities na link.

  27. Good day po. isa po ako OFW d2 sa saudi.nagmature na un money ko sa pag ibig fund without informing us. nag inquire ang husband and they told that all that accumulated money
    in my passbook will not be given. Why like that? Thats s unfair.

  28. hi po puwedi po bng mg tanong kse po ng open po ako dito sa korea nng pag ibig po ngayon po nk pg hulog n po ako nng 4months noong april-18 tpos po pinhulugn ko po ulit sa mgulng ko noong june-25 po dyn sa pins kse gusto ko lng po sn n m sure kung meron po tlg yung hinuhulugn ko n binigy saakin n acct. sa pag ibig po nhulugn nmn po nng mgulng ko sa pinas sa pag ibig din po cy ng punta ang pinaka tanong ko po sna tlga kse po dib madjo advance po yung pg huhulog ko saan ko po puwedi mlmn yung ilng buwan n po b yung nhulog ko pra po sn next n pg hulog ko alm ko n po kung kailn ulit medjo nguluhn po kse ako maraming salmat po wait ko po sgot ninyo thanks again

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. @Anonymous.. Kung meron ka pong Pag-ibig number pwede mo inquire sa online inquiry service sa Pag-Ibig website .. ito yung link :


    Pasok mo ung membership number mo. Medyo late nga lang posting nila jan. Another option try mo mag-email sa "publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph" or dito "asiapacific@pagibigfund.gov.ph" .. Then hingin mo sa knila ung breakdown ng contributions mo.. Bibigay nila lahat ng pumasok na bayad

  31. This comment has been removed by the author.

  32. good pm po ask ko lng po pano ko po makukuha at malalaman ang mid no. ko or pop no. nag registered po ako sa poea and receipt lng po binigay nila. i cant find the mid no. pop no. na kailngan sa pag bayad ng contribution. noong nov. 2012 lng po aq nag pa registerd at nag bayad ng members contribution for 6 months. thanks

  33. Just wanna ask if I could still claim my PAGIBIG contribution.I had been paying for 15 years now but I stopped when we migrated here in the US.I am 41y/o.

  34. You can claim it po kasi pasok yung case nyo dun sa point ng PERMANENT DEPARTURE FROM THE COUNTRY. Whatever accumulated amount ang nahulog nyo for 15 yrs. plus ung interest ang makukuha nyo. Inquire po kayo sa nearest PAG-IBIG office jan sa location nyo para makapag file kayo ng claim.

  35. good day po ask ko lang po after 5 yrs contribution ko sa POP puwedi kupa po bang icontenue ang hulog ko?