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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Hello [Blog] World ...

Mabuhay !!! .... Welcome to everybody who may come across to my blog. It's been a long time since an idea came into my mind to also have my own personal blog ... But due to some factors, which I prefer not to elaborate futher; I didn't able to start it ... But finally, here it comes now...

Before starting this blog and making an official post, (Well , I consider this one as unofficial) I would like to elaborate some items which I consider important part of this blog. May you have patience and interest to read them.

1. I'm not an English major, so please if you find something wrong with my grammar or wrong spelling or anything related to my English skill please beg with me. To be honest, I'm not that good in English and I'm just writing this blog directly from the editor. Another thing it's not my habit to proof read what I write (except for some office e-mails ).

2. This blog has no specific topic of interest so anything could be written here. But as the title speaks, this blog will mostly contain information that could be helpful to OFWs (like me).

3. Everybody is welcome to post their comments or any suggestions .Critisisms are most welcome here (but it would be gladly appreciated if it's a fair one) :)

Okay, let's have some personal information. I'm an OFW who is currently working in a Bank located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is my first job as an OFW. My work is in the field of IT, with current position as Database Administrator (Microsoft SQL Server & Sybase ASE). I've been here since July 24, 2008, after 4 yrs and 3 months of working in the Philippines. Well I think that would be enough. If you like to know more information just post it as a comment ;)

So, welcome to my blog and may you find this helpful and informative... I'll try my best to update this as often as possible. Also, if you have any question please do post it here by leaving a comment. Thanks for viewing and enjoy your stay ...


  1. Just tonight i tearfully watched a series of OFW diaries by Kara David,some stories has happy ending but mostly were sad and full of regrets.After viewing all of those I came up to a conclusion that most of the reasons of OFW why they persevere the unhappy life abroad is to uplift the standard of living which they also believed they cannot attain if they are just in the Philippines.I don't oppose their opinion because I too have similar reason.Why do I need to gamble my permanent position as a public elementary school teacher if I don't believe working abroad will make me retire from being poor someday.But the life story of each individual is different from the other.Im just thankful in Heaven that I've got a good company for the first time.In working abroad,many have tried,some are successful some have cried.I still believe with the combination of prayer,self confidence,determination and perseverance we will attain success someday...Im about to go to sleep when I see the blog of my very own friend and fellow antiqueño Toto Angelo so I grab the opportunity to be the first to post a comment.I'm very glad to have Ugyon Antiqueño in Riyadh,Saudi Arabia they are my strength when Im down and homeseek.Because of Ugyon im about to finish my 2 year contract with my company unknowingly.Special thanks to Engr.Ismael(mike)Decena to his special favor for me.To Angelo more comments later,take care always.Ako ja ka ugyon mo Rodel Bingco

  2. Ayus ikaw gid ang first commenter ko...Thanks very much for the meaningful post you have...Such a good start :) I'll try my best to update this blog and fill it with useful information for everybody specially for my fellow OFWs..
    To all fellow Antiqueños here in Riyadh.. Krruuuuhaaayy kita tanan kag mag hili-UGYON... :)

  3. sir, good job on your blog! very informative!