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Thursday, December 2, 2010

How to Compute End of Service Benefits for working in K.S.A.

When does an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) who works in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) qualifies to receive a retirement pay from his employer? Are you sure you have received the right amount? Do you know how it was computed?

Here is a discussion of our great OFWs in OFWGuide Forum. May this topic be of help to OFWs wondering how they can get their retirement pay.

A forumer named charisma asked how an OFW who worked for some 30 years in Saudi would compute his retirement pay.

Forumer dark_hollywood answered add your one month salary to benefits and vacation pay equals end of service benefits (1 mo. salary + benefits + vacation pay = SR 0000.00).

Here’s how you can get your:

a. End of Service Benefits: One month salary divided by thirty days multiply by 1.25 (30 days/24 months = 1.25) multiply by 24 months (SR0000/30 X 1.25 X 24 = SR 0000.00)

b. Vacation pay: Basic salary divided by thirty days multiply by 1.75 (21 days / 12 months = 1.75) multiply by 24 months. (SR0000/30 X 1.75 X 24 = SR 0000.00)

According to dark_hollywood, the computation above is for two (2) years of service only which is equivalent to 24 months. In vacation pay, the new Saudi Labor Law stated that a worker is entitled of 21 days paid vacation annually. Aside from the amount to be paid by the employer, the employer shall bear the final exit visa and the fees and free Air ticket back to origin of the worker.

There are certain exceptions, though. If an expatriate has resigned within the first two years of service, he is not entitled to any ESB. If he has resigned between two to five years of continuous service, he is entitled to one third of the salary. If he has resigned between five years up to ten years of continuous service, he is entitled to two thirds of the salary and to a full salary, beyond 10 years of continuous service. Again, the definition of "salary" here includes basic pay plus all the allowances, excluding of course, certain exceptions such as sales commissions, etc.,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Scam Alert !!! Select Consulting Ltd. (Job Opportunity in UK)

Just received today another e-mail presenting an employment opportunity in UK. The company name is "Select Consulting Ltd". At first look on the e-mail, it seems legitimate. Find below exact e-mail as received

From : Select Consulting Ltd.


This is to inform you that we are travel agency and we are also involve in Recruitment at technical and management levels across the manufacturing, hi-tech, engineering, public and service sectors; we offer candidate sourcing and managed campaign services here in UK. We have been able to fix over 500 people with good jobs and also assist their family to relocate to job location.

You are receiving this email because you filled a job application on "Monster Job" website. We currently have 51 different job vacancies in different company that will be stated to you later along with the benefits.

Also take note that if you wish to spend your vacation any were in the world, we could make it possible.

If interested in the job application, please send your CV with a subject "Job Application" as this will enable us to get back to you on time.

Your correspondent should be sent to us through Email: selectconsultingltd@consultant.com

Companies hiring now so hurry up to stand a chance.
Mr. James Anthony
Select Consulting Ltd.
Providence Court,
104-106 Denmark Street,
Diss, Norfolk,
IP22 4WN. UK.

But if you dig deeper on the details you can easily determine that it's another type of scam. 

Points to check if the e-mail is legitimate:

The domain of the sender's e-mail is not showing the company name.

As a professional standard, a legitimate company that seeks for candidate to fill the job is using a company e-mail account. A company then has their own domain for their e-mail accounts and not using a free domain for their e-mail accounts in circulating e-mail relating to official transaction of the company.

The e-mail address is using again a different domain and gmail account.

In this part where the sender request for the CV, a different e-mail account is again presented. Isn't that suspicious?

The address belongs to a different company.

I then decided to check the address if it is really existing. I found out that it is indeed a legitimate address, however it belongs to a different company called "ERAS Ltd" . Click here to view the website: http://www.eras.co.uk/contact-us/

I also searched if the company is existing but I can't find it. There are similar company names with Select Consulting but they are located in different country. Even in the footer of the e-mail there is no website specified.
Another thing that made me conclude that it is an illegitimate e-mail is the portion where the sender mentioned the website "Monster Job". I do have an account in this website that's why at first read I didn't suspect it. When I recalled reading other e-mails I got which referenced the website "Monster Job", there is an attached reference ID and with a header similar to the one below:

Testing/QA job opening in Oman!!
Tli Knowledge Services Pvt Ltd
Toxxxxxxxxxx @yahoo.com

For Internal Use of Employer (Please don't delete or modify while replying to this email)
Monster Resume ID: 23273029      Personal Folder ID: 8992560

Dear xxxxxxx,
Testing job opening in Oman!!
Company: Leading IT Company
Work Location: Oman
Job Type: Yearly Renewable Contract

Experience, Education and skills required:
Bachelor’s degree in IT/Computers/systems
Minimum 5 years experience in Testing/QA
Minimum 2 years experience in banking applications

Send your resume to shalini@tliknowledge.com along with the following details:
1. Present Salary
2. Expected Salary
3. Joining Time
4. Willingness to relocate to Oman

The above items are enough to conclude that it was indeed an illegitimate e-mail and is another type of scam mail.