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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Philippine Banks' SWIFT Code

Minsan may pagkakataon na kailangan magpadala ng pera sa Pinas na pinapadaan thru any bank sa bansa kung saan naroon ang isang OFW. Tanggapin natin ang katotohanan na hindi sa lahat ng lugar or bansa ay merong remittance center kung saan mas pinadali ang pagpadala ng pera sa Pilipinas. Sa mga remittance centers kasi hindi na pinuproblema ng sender kung ano ang SWIFT code ng bangko na papadalhan nya dahil internally sa system ay nakasetup na or correspondent bank/partner na sa Pinas ang bahalang magdeliver sa beneficiary bank para mapasok sa account ng beneficiary.Minsan naman direct transfer na ang nagyayari at wala ng channel para daanan ng padala.Kailangan lang ng account number at account name ng beneficiary at ok na.

Sa pagkakataon naman na kakailanganin mong magpadala thru bank to bank transfer, talagang hihingan ka ng SWIFT code ng Beneficiary Bank sa Pinas. Kaya minsan nagiging hassle pa at dagdag gastos dahil kailangan pang tumawag sa Pinas para maitanong ito sa bangko.Delayed na ung pagpapadala mo, gumastos ka pa. Kaya naman mas mainam na bago magpadala alam mo na agad ang SWIFT code para maiwasan ang ganitong mga pangyayari.

Below is the list of SWIFT Codes for Banks in Philippines:

Allied Banking Corporation – ABCMPHMMXXX
American Express Bank Philippines – AMEXPHMMXXX
Banco de Oro Universal Bank – BNORPHMXXX
Bank of China Manila Branch – BKCHPHMMXXX
Bank of Commerce – PABIPHMMXXX
Bank of the Philippine Islands – BOPIPHMMXXX
China Banking Corporation – CHBKPHMMXXX
Development Bank of the Phil. – DBPHPHMMXXX
East West Banking Corporation – EWBCPHMMXXX
Equitable PCI Bank – PCIBPHMMXXX
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank – HSBCPHMMXXX
International Comm Bank of China – ICBCPHMMXXX
International Exchange Bank – INXBPHMMXXX
Land Bank of the Philippines – TLBPPHMMXXX
Maybank Philippines Incorporated – MBBEPHMMXXX
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. – MBTCPHMMXXX
Philippine Bank of Communications – CPHIPHMMXXX
Philippine National Bank – PNBMPHMMXXX
Philippine Veterans Bank – PHVBPHMMXXX
Philtrust Bank – Allied Banking Corporation – ABCMPHMMXXX
American Express Bank Philippines – AMEXPHMMXXX
Banco de Oro Universal Bank – BNORPHMMXXX
Bank of China Manila Branch – BKCHPHMMXXX
Bank of Commerce – PABIPHMMXXX
Bank of the Philippine Islands – BOPIPHMMXXX
China Banking Corporation – CHBKPHMMXXX
Development Bank of the Phil. – DBPHPHMMXXX
East West Banking Corporation – EWBCPHMMXXX
Equitable PCI Bank – PCIBPHMMXXX
Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank – HSBCPHMMXXX
International Comm Bank of China – ICBCPHMMXXX
International Exchange Bank - INXBPHMMXXX
Land Bank of the Philippines – TLBPPHMMXXX
Maybank Philippines Incorporated – MBBEPHMMXXX
Metropolitan Bank and Trust Co. – MBTCPHMMXXX
Philippine Bank of Communications - CPHIPHMMXXX
Philippine National Bank – PNBMPHMMXXX
Philippine Veterans Bank – PHVBPHMMXXX
Philtrust Bank – PHTBPHMMXXX
Prudential Bank – PILBPHMMXXX
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp – RCBCPHMMXXX
Security Bank and Trust Corp – SETCPHMMXXX
Standard Chartered Bank – SCBLPHMMXXX
Union Bank of the Philippines – UBPHPHMMXXX
United Coconut Planters Bank – UCPBPHMMXXX
United Overseas Bank Philippines – UOVBPHMMXXX
Prudential Bank - PILBPHMMXXX
Rizal Commercial Banking Corp – RCBCPHMMXXX
Security Bank and Trust Corp – SETCPHMMXXX
Standard Chartered Bank – SCBLPHMMXXX
Union Bank of the Philippines – UBPHPHMMXXX
United Coconut Planters Bank – UCPBPHMMXXX
United Overseas Bank Philippines – UOVBPHMMXXX

What is SWIFT code?
ISO 9362 (also known as SWIFT-BIC, BIC code, SWIFT ID or SWIFT code) is a standard format of Bank Identifier Codes approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It is the unique identification code of a particular bank. These codes are used when transferring money between banks, particularly for international wire transfers, and also for the exchange of other messages between banks. The codes can sometimes be found on account statements.

The latest edition is ISO 9362:2009 (dated 2009-10-01). The SWIFT code is 8 or 11 characters, made up of:

4 letters: Institution Code or bank code.
2 letters: ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code
2 letters or digits: location code (if the second character is "1", then it denotes a passive participant in the SWIFT network)
3 letters or digits: branch code, optional ('XXX' for primary office)

Where an 8-digit code is given, it may be assumed that it refers to the primary office.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swift_code

Monday, July 26, 2010

Job Trends for the Decade

Share ko lang yung nabasa kong article about forecast on Job Trends for the next decade.Actually the forecast is for US Job Market. But at least for an idea, eh a worth to read. Below is the actual article as written.

Smart Job Picks for 2010

By Michelle Goodman

Thinking of embarking on a new career in 2010, but not sure where to begin? How about with a job that not only pays well but offers considerable stability or, perhaps, even job growth during a recession? After all, a handsome paycheck isn’t worth much if it’s in a field that’s expected to become the next recession casualty. Following are eight of our top picks for gigs expected to be both prosperous and abundant in the coming decade.

Cardiovascular technologist jobs: Between the ongoing need for hospital workers and the aging baby boomer population, this is one career that isn’t going anywhere, says Dr. Laurence Shatkin, author of more than 20 books for job hunters, including “150 Best Recession-Proof Jobs.” According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the job growth expected by 2018 is 24 percent. As the BLS reports, most cardiovascular technologists in training earn at least a two-year technical degree. In addition, some get on-the-job training in the necessary equipment (for example, EKGs). Median annual salary of a cardiovascular technologist: $60,400.

Database administrator jobs: Like health care, information technology remains a hot field with ample opportunity, says workplace expert Alexandra Levit, whose latest book is “New Job, New You: A Guide to Reinventing Yourself in a Bright New Career.” In other words, she says, “Everyone needs these people.” Whether you’ve acquired the necessary tech skills in the workplace or studied information technology or management information systems in college, a solid foundation in computing is essential, reports the BLS, adding that certifications can only make you more attractive to employers. Median annual salary of a database administrator: $72,600.

Gas/electric/utilities strategic planning analyst jobs: Working in the utilities sector remains a wise bet, no matter what the economy’s doing, Levit says. “They’re just not downsizing at the rate that some other industries are right now. People still have to heat their homes,” she explains. As a bonus, the BLS predicts turnover for utilities positions will be high in the coming decade as older workers retire (in 2008, 53 percent of the utilities workforce was age 45 or older). According to the BLS, of all utilities sector support staff, technology workers and analysts will find themselves best equipped to capitalize on job openings. Median annual salary of a strategic planning analyst, gas/electric/utilities: $68,700.

Accountant jobs: Do you enjoy crunching numbers but worry that the bulk of corporate accounting jobs were eliminated in the wake of the 2008 banking crisis? There’s no need, Levit says. In fact, the BLS estimates that accounting job growth will be 22 percent in the next decade. Plus, “Accountants make a good living, especially those who work with organizations that have been required to meet certain federal mandates,” Levit says. Median annual salary of an accountant: $49,100.

Marketing manager jobs: With a product branding and business management background, you -- and your bank account -- can go far. Organizations from all walks of corporate America need creative folks who can write and analyze a marketing survey, position a product to consumers and the media, and collaborate with market researchers, product managers, and profit-minded accountants. What’s more, the BLS predicts that job growth for marketing managers will be 13 percent through 2018. Median annual salary of marketing manager: $60,200.

Dental hygienist jobs: Of all the jobs that require a two-year technical degree, this one promises the most opportunity in the new decade, boasting a whopping 36 percent job growth rate, Shatkin says. Why? Because “dentists try to shrug off more work to dental hygienists so they can see more patients,” he explains. As a bonus, Shatkin adds, many of these positions are part-time with flexible hours, making them ideal for parents with young children. Median annual salary of dental hygienist: $57,100.

Interior designer jobs: Are you a design blog junkie? The friend everyone calls when they need help sprucing up their living room? Then why not put your artistic flair to work? Although you’ll need to invest in a design degree and acquire the necessary budgeting and software skills, the payoff is worth it, says Shatkin: job growth is expected to be 19 percent through 2018. Median annual salary of interior designer: $46,100.

Occupational therapist jobs: Thanks to the country’s aging population, occupational therapy remains a high-growth field, with 26 percent job growth predicted in the new decade, Shatkin says. If you’re the patient, nurturing sort who thrives on helping people, this could be the career for you. Occupational therapists help people who’ve been sick, injured, or otherwise impaired gain the necessary life skills (using a computer, cooking, dressing, and so on) to return to work or their own home. According to the BLS, nearly a third of occupational therapists work part-time, and a master’s degree and state license are usually required. Median annual salary of occupational therapist: $69,400.

Michelle Goodman is a freelance business journalist and author of “The Anti 9-to-5 Guide: Practical Career Advice for Women Who Think Outside the Cube.”

Salary Data Source: Salary data from leding online salary database PayScale.com. The salaries listed are median annual salaries for full-time workers with 5-8 years of experience and include any bonuses, commissions, or profit sharing.

Source:  http://www.payscale.com/partnerredirect.asp?emc=20100302&tk=em0310_articleA_h&code=em0310_articleA_h&next=http%3a%2f%2fblogs.payscale.com%2fcontent%2f2010%2f02%2fprojected-job-growth-2010.html

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Is PhilHealth Insurance Important for an OFW?

Hindi narin siguro bago sayo bilang isang OFW ang pagbayad ng PhilHealth bilang isa sa mga requirements kapag nagprocess ka ng documents sa POEA. Ito ay dahil sa bisa ng pag amyenda ng Executive Order No. 182 .Kung saan naging mandatory na ang pagbayad ng PhilHealth sa lahat ng mga land-based OFWs.Saklaw nito yung mga Pilipinong ang trabaho ay may kaakibat na kontrata sa isang overseas-based employers.Pero marahil marami sa atin ang nagbabayad nito na hindi parin lubasang naiintidihan o alam ang kabuuang benepisyo dito.Minsan nga may mga naririnig pa ako habang nakapila sa POEA na nagrereklamo dahil parang dagdag gastos lang daw ito.Sa post na ito ay sisikapin kong ilatag ang mga importanteng impormasyon hinggil sa PhilHealth.Nawa ay makapagbigay ng konting liwanag ang mga ito upang kahit paano ay maintindihan natin ang kahalagahan nito hindi lang sa atin kundi lalo na sa ating mga mahal sa buhay na naiiwan sa Pinas.

Sa 900 pesos na bayad, katumbas nito ay isang taon na medical insurance coverage para sayo at sa iyong naideklarang dependents.Ito'y maaring binubuo ng iyong asawa at mga anak para sa mga married status.Sa mga single status naman, tanging magulang lamang na may edad 60 pataas ang allowed para maideclare na dependents.Para sa kompletong detalye ng mga maaring ma-declare na dependents, narito po ang  listahan.

Legal spouse (non-member or membership is inactive)

Legal na asawa na hindi kasalukuyang miyembro or inactive ang membership status.Malinaw po ah, legal na asawa, kasi baka mag-claim si kulasisi (kung meron man)... hehehe :)

Child/ren - legitimate, legitimated, acknowledged and illegitimate (as appearing in birth certificate) adopted or step below 21 years of age, unmarried and unemployed. Also covered are child/ren 21 years old or above but suffering from congenital disability, either physical or mental, or any disability acquired that renders them totally dependent on the member for support.

Anak o mga anak na lehitimo or naging lehitimo sa pamamagitan ng legal na proseso. Maaari ring mga hindi lehitimo pero kinikilala mong anak.Sa madaling salita mga anak sa labas pero ikaw ang nakalagay na tatay sa birth certificate. Kasama rin ang mga adopted or step-children.Subalit-datapwat, kailangan ang edad ay below 21, hindi kasal, at walang trabaho. Siguro pwedeng sabihin na ito eh yung mga Palamunin pero normal ang kundisyon physically at mentally. Kasi pwede parin silang maging dependent kahit na edad 21 and above na kung merong deperensya either mentally or physically o acquired disability na talagang matatawag na dependent sayo at hindi na kayang mamuhay ng mag-isa.

Parents (non-members or membership is inactive) who are 60 years old, including stepparents (biological parents already deceased) and adoptive parents (with adoption papers).

Magulang na hindi rin miyembro or inactive ang status na may edad 60 years old pataas (senior citizen). Kasama rin ang mga stepparents or yung mga nagtayong magulang sayo kung lubusang ulila ka na. Pwede rin ang mga adoptive parents pero kailagan suportado ng adoptive papers.

Important Note:
Your dependents need to be declared and/or updated with PhilHealth to include them in your Member Data Record or MDR, your official membership profile with PhilHealth. Your updated MDR will make your benefit availments easier and convenient.

Ngayon, ito ang malaking tanong:


Bago ang lahat, ang PhilHealth ay isang Health Care Benefit or Medical Insurance.Ngayon, kung sakaling hindi  ka pa nakagamit or nakagawa ng claim; sa tingin ko ay dapat MAS LALONG MATUWA ka.. Ibig sabihin walang nagkakasakit sa mga dependents mo. Pero kung sakali man na sa hindi inaasahang pagkakataon ay nangangilangan ka or ang dependents mo ng medical assistance, narito ang mga benefits na maari mo at mga nakadeklarang dependents mo na matanggap sa PhilHealth.

Inpatient coverage:

PhilHealth provides subsidy for room and board, drugs and medicines, laboratories, operating room and professional fees for confinements of not less than 24 hours.

The following are the maximum allowances or ceilings to be applied per single period of confinement** effective April 5, 2009 admissions onwards.

* Not to exceed 45 days for each calendar year.

** Refers to a confinement or series of confinements of the same illness not separated from each other by 90 days within a calendar year. In this case, a member or beneficiary is not entitled to another set of benefits until after 90 days. They can only avail of the unused portion of the benefits and the room and board fees until the 45 days allowance is exhausted.
Source: www.philhealth.gov.ph

However, a member can avail of new set of benefits if succeding confinements are of different illness

Outpatient coverage:

Day surgeries, dialysis and cancer treatment procedures such as chemotheraphy and radiotheraphy in accredited hospitals and free-standing clinics.

Special benefit packages:

Enhanced Outpatient Benefit Package
Coverage for up to the fourth normal delivery!
Newborn Care Package
TB treatment through DOTS
SARS and Avian Influenza Package
Influenza A (H1N1) Package

Ito naman ang mga hindi saklaw ng PhilHealth:

The following shall not be covered except when, after actuarial studies, PhilHealth recommends their inclusion subject to approval of its Board of Directors:

Fifth and subsequent normal obstetrical deliveries
Non-prescription drugs and devices
Alcohol abuse or dependency treatment
Cosmetic surgery
Optometric services
Other cost-ineffective procedures as defined by PhilHealth

Ngayon ang tanong: Panghihinayangan mo pa ba ng 900 pesos mo?

Sandali lang... nabanggit ko na ba na meron ka nang lifetime coverage kapag umabot ka ng retirement age (60) basta't meron kang at least 120 months worth ng contributions?
Para sa kumpletong detalye ng mga benepisyo paki-download NITO
Maiigi ring bumisita ka sa website ng PhilHealth. www.philhealth.gov.ph

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Learn the FAST, EASY and CONVENIENT way of paying your Social Security System (SSS) Contributions

Isa ka ba sa karamihang OFWs na pinoproblema ang pagbayad ng SSS contributions? Hindi lingid sa akin na ang ilan sa ating mga OFWs ay talagang sinisikap na magbayad ng contributions sa SSS at hanggat maari ay walang buwan na malaktawan(isa na ako doon). Ang masaklap nito, tayo na nga ang nagbabayad pero tayo pa ang kadalasang namomroblema kung paano makabayad.Nung unang dating ko dito sa Riyadh, isa rin ito sa mga bagay na talagang naging problema ko. Oo meron ngang mga ilang paraan para makabayad dahil nandiyan ang mga remittance centers or bayad centers kung saan pwede kang magbayad ng contributions mo sa SSS. Ang deperensya nito MAY DAGDAG BAYAD. Kung saan ang sinisingil ay katumbas ng singil kapag nag remit ka. Dito ang singil ay nagsisimula sa 15 SAR hanggang 21 SAR (180-250 PHP). Hindi maliit ang halagang yan, dahil katumbas na yan ng isang araw na budget ng pagkain sa Pinas (pang Jollibee mo narin yan kapag nagbakasyon). Hindi mo pa sinama diyan ang haba ng pila na tatahakin mo bago ka makarating sa counter. (Dito, may bonus parusa habang pumipila kung saan halos ayaw mong nang huminga dahil sa sari-saring amoy na malalanghap mo galing sa iba’t-ibang klase ng katawan ng ibat-ibang lahi .Talo mo pa ang na torture sa pelikulang SAW.)

Noong una, may binabayaran akong affiliated bayad center dito located sa Sky Freight sa Batha. Andun narin kasi naka-office ang SSS Representative kaya doon ko na pinasya magbayad. Para isang punta nalang din kasi nagpa-update pa ako ng status from Covered Employee to OCW. Ang charge nila is 15 SAR per transaction. Kaya ang ginagawa ko, 3 mos na ang binayaran ko para kahit paano makatipid ng 2 buwan na charges. Ang isang deperensya, maliit ang forex conversion nila compare sa bank rates. Kaya medyo malaki ang value sa SAR ng binayaran ko.

So mga ilang buwan ko lang muna pinagtiyagaan ang ganung paraan. Hanggang isang araw may na discover akong paraan kung paano makabayad ng hindi na kailangang pumila. Maraming advantages ang ganitong paraan ng pagbabayad.

1. Convenient dahil hindi mo na kailangan pumila, kahit nasa bahay ka lang or nasa office pwede mo gawin.

2. Practical dahil WALANG SERVICE CHARGE. Kung magkano ang SSS contribution mo ganun lang din ang babayaran mo.

3. Fast dahil based on my experience, maximum 3 working days lang at reflected na agad sa SSS account ko. Namomonitor ko yung SSS ko thru Online Inquiry. (Kung paano mo rin magagawa to, check mo itong  previous post ko dated July 11, 2010). http://ofwinfocenter.blogspot.com/2010/07/hassle-free-way-of-knowing-your-social.html

4. Reliable dahil ang service provider is a legitimate and kilalang company sa Pinas na affliated sa maraming mga kilalang banks. Meron ka pang electronic receipt na pwede mo print or save as document that will serve as your proof in case magkaproblem. Pero so far, sa tinagal-tagal ko nang ginagawa ang ganito, HINDI pa nagkaproblema.

5. EASY dahil kahit elementary kayang sundan ang procedures. Konting pindot sa keyboard at click sa mouse ayos na.

Hmmm.. ano ba ito at parang isang advertisement na? hehehe baka isipin nyo eh affiliated ako sa company na ‘to. Hindi po… Sasabihin ko na, ito po eh yung online facility na ino-offer ng Bancnet sa mga account holders na may account sa mga affiliated banks nila. Don’t worry at wag maging paranoid dahil baka isipin mo, “Ayaw ko nga, mamaya manakaw pa ang pera ko”. Secured po ang facility ng BancNet dahil encrypted ang data na binabato at gumagamit sila ng virtual keyboard para hindi ma capture ng keylogger ang PIN. Di ko na kailangan explain maigi ang tungkol dito kasi masyado nang technical baka umabot ng siyam-siyam ang paliwanagan.

Ano ba ang kailangan para makagamit ako ng serbisyong ito?

1. Account sa isa sa mga banks na nakalista sa baba. Ito’y maaring savings account or checking account, ang importante merong ATM card na naka-link sa account.

Allied Bank
Asia United Bank
China Bank
Chinatrust Bank
Citystate Savings Bank
East West Bank
Export Bank
Philippine Business Bank
Philippine National Bank
Philtrust Bank
Postal Bank
PS Bank
RCBC Savings Bank
Robinsons Bank
Security Bank
Standard Chartered Bank
Sterling Bank of Asia
Tong Yang Bank

2. Computer or laptop na may internet connection.
3. Kailangan alam mo ang SSS number mo.
4. Kailangan alam mo rin ang ATM card number mo at syempre ang PIN.
5. Ang pinaka-importante sa lahat dahil magiging useless kahit meron ka nung apat na nauna kung wala ka nito. Dapat syempre may lamang pera or balanse ang account mo.

Sundan mo lang itong instructions sa baba:
1. Open the BancNet website by typing www.bancnetonline.com or click here.
2. In the main page, click your bank in the list. (in my case I click RCBC)
(image courtesy of www.bancnetonline.com)
3. In the Terms and Conditions page, click I agree.

4. In the Menu displayed in the left portion of the screen, click Payment.
5. The Payment screen will be displayed. Enter the following information:
In the Biller/Institution select SSS Cont- OFW (Be sure that you have already updated your membership status wherein it should be OCW)
(For members other than OFW, you must fill this  portion depending on your current membership status).

In the SSS number, enter your 10-digit SSS number followed my month (mm)with the year (yyyy)that you want to pay.(See sample screenshot below)
In this sample, I paid for the June 2010 contribution.

Enter all other necessary information. 
Note: The Member number indicates the occurence of your account in the bank.Like in my case, the account I used is my First account in RCBC. If you have multiple accounts in your chosen bank, please verify which number belongs to that specific account that you will use for paying.

6. Upon completion of all required information, enter your PIN by using the virtual key on the right portion of the screen. Your completed form will be similar to this:

7. Click Submit to proceed. A confirmation message will appear:
8. Just click OK if the information are correct. (Review the information before clicking OK)
9. A confirmation page will be displayed upon successul process.
You can print this form by clicking the Print button below the screen or you may capture this screen by pressing Alt+Print Screen on your keyboard and paste it on MS Word.It would also be ideal if you take note of the Trace Number.

Diba, sobrang dali lang? Ngayon papakita ko sa inyo ang proof na pumasok sya sa SSS account ko. Makikita nyo rin kung gaano kabilis pumasok ang payment ko. Ginawa ko yong transaction ng June 25, 2010 which is Friday sa Pinas. Hapon yun dito sa Saudi which is gabi na sa Pinas.Ibig sabihin beyond regular office hours na so wag na nating bilangin as 1 working day. Start tayo ng bilang June 28.So ini-expect ko dapat magreflect na sya by July 1, 2010.

Ito yong screenshot ng actual premium contributions ko:
Ito naman ang details ng payment na ginawa ko:
Pansin nyo yong Post Mark date, naka indicate kung kelan ako nag transact.Wherein yung Validation Date naman is June 29, 2010 which is MAS MAAGA pa kesa sa expected ko na posting date.

Important Note: Ang may ari ng SSS number at may ari ng Bank account (account holder) ay dapat iisang tao lang. Sa ngayon, hindi pa hino-honor kung magkaibang tao ang may ari ng SSS account saka yung bank account.

For more inquiries please contact your bank included in the list  above or your nearest SSS office.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

List of 2010 Richest People in Philippines

Just want to share this year’s ranking of Richest People in Philippines.

Top 10

#1 Henry Sy
Net Worth: $5 billion
Age: 85
Marital Status: Married, 6 children
SM Prime

#2 Lucio Tan
Net Worth: $2.1 billion
Age: 76
Marital Status: Married, 6 children
Fortune Tobacco, Asia Brewery, stake in Philippine Airlines, Hong Kong-based Eton Properties

#3 John Gokongwei Jr.
Net Worth: $1.5 billion
Age: 83
Marital Status: Married, 6 children
JG Summit Holdings, Cebu Pacific, Robinsons

#4 Jaime Zobel de Ayala
Net Worth: $1.4 billion
Age: 76
Marital Status: Married, 7 children
Ayala Corp.

#5 Andrew Tan
Net Worth: $1.2 billion
Age: 58
Marital Status: Married, 4 children
Alliance Global, Co-owns casino Resort World Manila with Genting Hong Kong.

#6 Tony Tan Caktiong
Net Worth: $980 million
Age: 60
Marital Status: Married, 3 children
Jollibee, Chowking

#7 Enrique Razon Jr.
Net Worth: $975 million
Age: 50
Marital Status: Married, 2 children
International Container Terminal Services

#8 Beatrice Campos
Net Worth: $840 million
Age: NA
Marital Status: Widowed, 5 children
Unilab, controlling stake in Singapore-listed Del Monte Pacific

#9 George Ty
Net Worth: $805 million
Age: 77
Marital Status: Married, 5 children

#10 Eduardo Cojuangco Jr.
Net Worth: $760 million
Age: 75
Marital Status: Married, 4 children
San Miguel Corp

Ranks 11 -40

11. Inigo & Mercedes Zobel
12. David Consunji
13. Emilio Yap
14. Andrew Gotianun
15. Vivian Que Azcona
16. Oscar Lopez
17. Manuel Villar
18. Jon Ramon Aboitiz
19. Mariano Tan
20. Robert Coyiuto Jr.
21. Roberto Ongpin
22. Alfonso Yuchengco
23. Betty Ang
24. Enrique Aboitiz
25. Gilberto Duavit
26. Menardo Jimenez
27. Felipe Gozon
28. Alfredo Ramos
29. Manuel Zamora Jr.
30. Wilfred Uytengsu Jr.
31. Benjamin Romualdez
32. Wilfredo Keng
33. Tomas Alcantara
34. Bienvenido Tantoco Sr.
35. Frederick Dy
36. Eugenio Lopez III
37. Lourdes Montinola
38. Luis Virata
39. Jesus Tambunting
40. Philip Ang

For more details, please visit the below link:

Source: Forbes

Monday, July 12, 2010

What will happen to your PAG-IBIG/HDMF membership contributions after you become an OFW?

Before I become an OFW, I’ve been working in the Philippines for 4 years and 3 months. During this period, my monthly gross salary has been deducted by 100.00 pesos as contribution for my HDMF (Home Development Mutual Fund) or commonly known as PAG-IBIG Fund. This has been mandatory now as a Law in the Philippines. Actually, the actual amount credited to my PAG-IBIG account is 200.00, with the other 100.00 shouldered by my employer. This scheme is implemented on all other companies as part of this law. The amount of 200.00 is the minimum contribution that a member should pay monthly. For the matrix of the contributions, I will discuss it soon as I go along with this blog.

Additional information:(The exemption of this mandatory PAG-IBIG contribution applies only to those with monthly gross salary below 4,000.00 pesos. However, the employee has an option to be a PAG-IBIG member but under a voluntary membership status and can also pay with the minimum contribution)

Now, let’s go back to my original topic. When I did a rough computation of the total contributions I have accumulated during my employment in the Philippines, it came out to be about Php 10,200.00 (excluding the earnings). This amount can go a long way if I can claim it. So, I sent an e-mail to PAG-IBIG in this address (publicaffairs@pagibigfund.gov.ph). My e-mail contains plain questions which are:

What will happen on my accumulated contributions? Can I claim them?

I’m somehow surprised that I received a reply the next day. The content of the reply is posted below:

Good day Mr. Train. Your contributions from April 2004 to July 2008 remain as your Total Accumulated Value (TAV) with the Pag-IBIG Branch where your previous company, remits.
You may only claim your TAV upon the occurrence of the following (whichever comes first):

• MATURITY, where a member has completed 20 years of active fund membership and 240 contributions;
• RETIREMENT, where a member has reached the mandatory retirement age of 65, the optional retirement age of 60, or has opted to avail of his company’s early retirement at age 45;

Since you are currently based abroad, you have the option of becoming a member under the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP), a voluntary savings program that is designed for Filipinos working abroad (either sea-based or land-based) or residing abroad.

It’s a pleasure to serve you. Thank you.

Public Relations and Information Services (PRISG)

It’s been my nature that if I’m inquiring for something, I’m not contended with a scripted answer. This is somehow a similar case on the reply. Although it’s the actual conditions if you check their official website, what I expected is somehow like a personal explanation. So, I decided to send another e-mail but this time I added two additional e-mail addresses. (piog@pagibigfund.gov.ph, pagibigoverseas@gmail.com) These e-mail addresses belong to Pag-IBIG International Operations Group (PIOG). The actual e-mail is posted below:

To Whom It May Concern,

Thank you for the prompt response. Unfortunately, there are still some points that are not clear to me. Actually, I am already a member under the PAG-IBIG Overseas Program (POP) since November 2008 (membership no:TXXXXXXXXX). My inquiry is about my contributions on my previous membership status (Locally employed from April 2004 - July 2008).

1. What will happen on the said accumulated contributions (TAV) for I'm now under the POP membership?
2. Can I claim the said TAV because I am now under a new membership status?
3. If I can't claim it, will it (TAV) be added to my TAV in the POP membership?

Thanks in advance and more power.

Angelo G. Train

Then, somebody by the name of Julieta L. Dela Cruz under the e-mail address jldelacruz@pagibigfund.gov.ph replied to my e-mail. To give due credit, it only took 2 days and I received her reply. Her reply was;

Hi. Your local membership with the Pag-IBIG Fund has a different program from the Overseas Program. You may withdraw your local contributions upon the occurrence of the 6 grounds for withdrawal which were discussed with you last time. Should you have further inquiry please don’t’ hesitate to e-mail us again.

Thank you.
Public Relations and Information Services Group

Not yet contended with the answer, I again sent another e-mail addressed only to her. My e-mail was;

Dear Maam,

Thanks for the response. Just a follow-up question, as you stated I can withdraw my contribution upon occurrence of the mentioned grounds.

Does my current status as OFW satisfies the third condition?


I just want to mention that my employment status with my employer here in Riyadh, KSA is PERMANENT employee.

Thanks again and more power.
Angelo G. Train

Do you think my third e-mail is somehow a dumb question? :) hehehe .. Well, she’s patient and understanding enough and replied to it.

Hi! With regards to your inquiry, you will qualify under the Permanent Departure ground if you’re an immigrant of that country, if not the funds will stay with us and will still earn until such time you can withdraw your contributions.

Thank you.
Public Relations and Information Services Group

So there you are, with those chains of e-mails, things became clear to me. (As we say in Filipino “Maliwanag pa sa sikat ng araw”). Well, I always believe that there’s nothing wrong in asking. As one quote in English says “It is impossible for a man to learn things he thinks he already knows”.

Now to summarize the whole thing;

I can still claim my previous contributions if I met one of the 6 conditions stated previously. (I just hope and pray that I can met either of the first three conditions and not with any of the other four). I can meet the first condition if in case I stopped working abroad as OFW and continued my previous membership status. Once it reached 240 contributions I can claim it as a Total Accumulated Value (TAV).

If you notice in this post, there is such a thing called PAG-IBIG Overseas Program (POP) mentioned several times. This topic, I will discuss on my next post, so better bookmark this page or subscribe to the feed to receive the notification once I updated this blog and posted the said topic.

I hope that you learned something from this entry. See you soon….and have a nice day.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Hassle-Free Way of Knowing your Social Security System (SSS) Membership Details

Are you a SSS Member who is worried or not sure if your employer is really remitting your SSS contribution regularly? Are you an OFW that has no idea or not aware about the exact details of your SSS membership status? If yes, then this entry will teach you how you can able to check your SSS details such as your posted contributions, your outstanding loan balance and any other information relating to your SSS (Social Security System) account.

I know that most of us don't have much time to visit any SSS Office, and besides it’s not really ideal to fall in a very long line just to know your SSS contribution unless there are some other important reasons that obliged you to report personally. Actually, there are some ways wherein you can check your SSS details without going to any SSS Office. Below you will find those ways. Just select the one which you find convenient or applicable for you.

A. Through SMS (Not ideal for members outside Philippines)
What you need?

1. A Cell phone with a load
2. You must know your SSS Number

First, register by texting the following code:

 After registering, you will receive a confirmation message with your PIN. You should keep this PIN, because you will need it every time you make an inquiry on your SSS account.

1. To check your premium account total contributions just type in:

2.To determine the status of a member’s loan application, just key in:

3. To get information on loan balance, just key in:

Note:  The following service charge applies to each SMS sent.
Smart / Talk N' Text - Php 2.50 per SMS sent
Globe / Touch Mobile - Php 2.50 per SMS sent
Sun Cellular - Php 2.00 per SMS sent

B. Through Internet
What you need?

a. A computer or a laptop with internet connection
b. A valid e-mail address
c. SBR/OTC number of the RS5 Receipt Form of SSS paid for at least 6 months prior to current date.
d. Employer ID

1. Go to SSS website by typing www.sss.gov.ph.
2. In the SSS Website Main page, click My SSS and select Register.
3. The new window will display. Just select Member and click Submit.

4. The Online Member User ID Registration page will display. Supply all required information and check I accept the Terms and Conditions.

Additional Notes:

In the Current Membership/Registration Status as SSS:

If you’re an OFW/OCW but with previous job in the Philippines and already a SSS Member but under a status of Covered Employee, you need to update your status to be Overseas Contract Worker (OCW) on any nearest SSS office in the country where you are right now. An OFW should accomplish SSS Form OW-1 (Overseas Worker Record Form) and submit it together with the general requirements. If possible, bring with you a copy of your contract.)

For Riyadh-based OFWs, I was asked of my Residence Permit/IQAMA ID along with the form. The nearest SSS office in my area is located at the SkyFreight Cargo in Batha. You may also proceed to Philippine Embassy in Riyadh located at the Diplomatic Quarters. The contact numbers are: (+966) 1 4823615/4880835 or you may e-mail sss_riyadh@digi.net.sa for more inquiries.

In the Employer ID:
For Self Employed, Voluntary, Non-Working Spouse and OFW/OCW just enter this value "88-8888800-6"

5. Enter the word displayed in the screen in the text box provided and click the Submit button to proceed.
6. Your temporary password will be sent in the e-mail you have provided.
7. To login just, go back to SSS Website and in the Main page click My SSS and select User Login.

8. Supply your User ID and Password and click Submit. (You can retrieve your password in the e-mail you provided during the registration).

At first login, you will be prompted to change your temporary password. Make sure, to remember this new password. If in any case, you forgot your password DON’T ATTEMPT TO GUESS because you only have 3 valid tries and your account will be disabled. Instead, click the provided link as described below to retrieve your password.
Click the Click here link in the Logon screen. A similar screen will be displayed
You will have two choices, either you input your User ID or your E-mail address.Click the Submit button to retrieve your password. Your logon information will be sent to your e-mail address.

9. Upon successful login, you will see various menus listed similar to the one shown below:

10. Click the link for ONLINE INQUIRY. A similar screen will be displayed
11. To check the status of your contributions, point your cursor on Member Info and select Actual Premiums.
12. To check your loan status, click the link Loan Status menu displayed on the screen.
13. There’s a lot more information available so just explore all available menus and options.

And so, tha's all. Just as easy as 1..2..3... For any other question or clarification, just leave a comment and I'll try my best to answer them.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good News for OFWs concerning Passport application and renewal process..

For any travelling Filipino and most importantly to an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) like me, one of the most important documents that we should have is our passport. The sad thing is, whether some will agree or not; application process has become a disaster for anybody whether new application or renewal of their respective passport. In my case, I’m lucky enough that I didn’t suffer waiting and falling in a very Looonnnnggggggg line. It happened that I’m working in a government office during the time I applied for my existing passport. Actually, it’s intentional because I really would like to avail of this special lane intended for government employees (in 2nd floor of the DFA building). Recently, processing of passport becomes even worst as based on what I have learned from other colleagues and fellow OFWs most specially those who are applying in the DFA Main office.

At present, the implemented system for the passport processing is that, by the first time you fall in line they will not process your application right away. Instead, they will give you an appointment slip with a corresponding date for you to return for the formal application. During only this assigned date, that they will accept your application and starts the processing. Worst thing to happen if you’re not available on this date or failed to report, you have no choice but to fall in line again to receive a new appointment date. This means additional money to spend for the transportation and another time/day to insert in your schedule. The expense for additional transportation can be omitted if you have made an appointment through their website. But, not all can have access to internet to schedule an appointment online.

Now, here’s the good news. About a week ago, while updating my profile in "workabroad.ph"; I saw an article which caught my attention. This article is such a good news for all upcoming and current OFWs. The article says that “OFWs are exempted from the rule of setting an appointment for passport application and renewal

The exact article is attached below:

The Department of Foreign Affairs-Office of Consular Affairs (DFA-OCA) has some good news for overseas Filipino workers (OFWs). First, OFWs are exempted from the rule of setting an appointment for passport application and renewal. This is applicable for those who urgently need a passport and can present documents that show there are jobs waiting for them in their countries of destination.

A statement from the DFA-OCA said, “Returning OFWs and those that are due for overseas deployment can have their passports processed immediately provided that they present documents that show there are jobs waiting for them in their countries of destination. Similarly, employment agencies with passport applicants are given special slots for immediate processing and expedited issuance of passports.”

The second good news is the reopening of the DFA satellite office at the Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA) in Ortigas last June 22. This satellite office will exclusively cater to the needs of OFWs.

The DFA has also increased the number of passport appointments to assure faster passport processing and to serve more applicants.

According to the DFA, “Special passport processing is held every other Saturday, with the view of expanding this service every weekend to accommodate more people with urgent travels. This system will free up more slots on weekdays which is seen to significantly cut down the waiting time for an appointment.”

“To accommodate passport applicants in the provinces, the 19 DFA Regional Consular Offices (RCOs) that are strategically located all over the country are likewise ready to accept more passport applications,” it added.

Aside from OFWs, ordinary travelers who urgently needs passport are given emergency passports. They do not have to go to an appointment system and their passports are immediately processed. According to DFA-OCA chief Assistant Secretary Jaime Victor Ledda, these are appoved by the Passport Director's Office, with telefax number 836-7759.

Another good news is the announcement from DFA that their office will now be available to serve the public even on a Saturday starting this month.

“Source: http://www.ofwguide.com/article_item.php?articleid=1365”

Hello [Blog] World ...

Mabuhay !!! .... Welcome to everybody who may come across to my blog. It's been a long time since an idea came into my mind to also have my own personal blog ... But due to some factors, which I prefer not to elaborate futher; I didn't able to start it ... But finally, here it comes now...

Before starting this blog and making an official post, (Well , I consider this one as unofficial) I would like to elaborate some items which I consider important part of this blog. May you have patience and interest to read them.

1. I'm not an English major, so please if you find something wrong with my grammar or wrong spelling or anything related to my English skill please beg with me. To be honest, I'm not that good in English and I'm just writing this blog directly from the editor. Another thing it's not my habit to proof read what I write (except for some office e-mails ).

2. This blog has no specific topic of interest so anything could be written here. But as the title speaks, this blog will mostly contain information that could be helpful to OFWs (like me).

3. Everybody is welcome to post their comments or any suggestions .Critisisms are most welcome here (but it would be gladly appreciated if it's a fair one) :)

Okay, let's have some personal information. I'm an OFW who is currently working in a Bank located in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This is my first job as an OFW. My work is in the field of IT, with current position as Database Administrator (Microsoft SQL Server & Sybase ASE). I've been here since July 24, 2008, after 4 yrs and 3 months of working in the Philippines. Well I think that would be enough. If you like to know more information just post it as a comment ;)

So, welcome to my blog and may you find this helpful and informative... I'll try my best to update this as often as possible. Also, if you have any question please do post it here by leaving a comment. Thanks for viewing and enjoy your stay ...